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But what was different this time is I actually pursued the idea until it happened.

I had recently taken a 3-day motorcycle trip through the Colombian Coffee region and loved it.

However, I wanted more adventure so I texted my man Jeff from Colombia Motorcycle Adventures and asked him if he had anything like that.

He said…NO, But I can build a trip 🙂

Jeff spent the next couple of months finalizing everything.

He warned me that no one else has done this before and that it could get a little crazy….and I loved the sound of that 🙂

Then right before our trip Jeff got into an accident and couldn’t go as I don’t speak Spanish or know my way around Colombia.

Thankfully Captain John stepped up to lead the way!

We started off on a beautiful sunny morning in Colombia with a very short safety meeting.

It went like this:

Here is a turnicate….this is how you use a turnicate….always have your turnicate on you….that’s all you need to know and we will handle everything else…hahaha

From there we hopped on the road.

We had a bike break down on our way to Bogota and had to replace it with another one.

The first day was 17 hours on the bike through the heat and the cold.

From there we got a good nights sleep and stocked up before we went into the Amazon.

The next 9 days included:
1) Amazing waterfalls
2). Amazing food
3). Hundreds of miles of muddy roads
4). Wrecks
5). Cutting the roof off of a boat to carry our motorcycle
6). Beautiful sights
7). And so much more

There weren’t any roads where we were going and we would have to stop in the small towns and find a local guide to take us to the next location.

We would drive down what appeared to be walking paths…

But where we were they called them roads 🙂

This was the heart of Colombia and I fell in love with it and the people.

This was a trip of a lifetime and it all started with a thought 🙂

I am going to meet up with this crew again for our next adventure and can’t wait to share it with you.

If you are looking for a little adventure in your life reach out to me and let’s create it!

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