>  Adventure   >  3-Day Survival Trip In Amazon Rain Forrest

You just have to worry about…
– Caiman
– Anacondas
– Wild Hogs
– Jaguars
– Poisonous snakes
– Poisonous bugs
– Poisonous plants
Other than that…
You are good 🙂

There is something to learn with every experience.

With this experience, I learned that we have to trust our team.

I did some wild things that I would have never done alone.

And I did it because I had someone show me how to do it.

And then they stood over my shoulder as I did it.

I will never forget Nigel whispering in my ear “You can do it” as I reached
down to grab that Caiman.

I was scared to death and was ready to quit but he kept in my ear 🙂

We all need someone in our ears to guide us through things in life…

Because life is an Adventure!

Here is to the next adventure 🙂

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