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Consider we are different…
And that is okay.
I don’t travel the world looking for more of the same.
I travel to find something new…
And exciting!
And in all of my travels I see the same thing…
Similar people hang out with similar people.
The “digital nomads” have their own group of friends.
The locals hang together.
The tourists go to their places.
The rich people gather at the regular places…
The middle class people at their regular places…
And everyone else has their regular place.
The sport fans fill the bars and cheer their team on.
The kids fill the days using their imaginations.
And the adults go to work.
Everywhere around the world the rhythm of life is similar…
But the song is different…
And I am so grateful for that.
I am so grateful for a different place to go and explore.
And as we explore we need to honor the homeland that we are visiting.
We went their to visit their home not turn it into ours.
Embrace the local cultures.
Learn why they do things.
Learn when they do things.
Learn what they eat and why.
Learn the history of their people.
Understand their customs and rituals.
And then you will start to see that we are all so different…
But still so similar.
Learn to love the diversity of the world…
Learn to accept other cultures while also honoring yours.
The world will appreciate it 🙂
Cheers to you and your amazing country!

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