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Brazil just keeps getting better and better.
And the bike that I was able to ride will be unforgettable.
I love taking these trips because I get time to myself to think.
I always have an intention when I ride and this weekend was no different.
The question I asked myself was “How can it get better?”
It is referring to whatever I want 🙂
I asked the question around my marriage and around growing our real estate investing community.
The answer that came to me about my marriage was Love My Wife For Being Late.
Or whatever else gets on my nerves.
We all have things and I know I do things that annoy my wife…lol
But instead of making each other wrong for it what if we just accepted it and loved each other?
One of the things that I don’t like is being told what to do and when my wife makes suggestions I instantly turn it down as I feel I’m being told what to do….even if it’s in my best interest…hahaha
When I got home from my bike ride I got cleaned up in my nice clothes and took my wife to dinner. Something we don’t do as much as I would like. And we had a wonderful night together.
If you want a better marriage consider going for a bike ride…or a walk…or a hike…or a day at the salon…or anything else you love doing and ask yourself:
How can it get better 😀
Have an amazing day!

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