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A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks…
Your health…
Your bank account…
And your peace of mind.
What do you get upset about?
Is it worth robbing you of these things?
The answer is…
Probably not.
But most people aren’t aware that they need to turn that frown upside down and…
So if you are walking around without a smile…
Start thinking of…
How amazing you are.
How special you are.
What unique skills you have.
What you are great at.
What you want to become great at.
A kitten.
A clown.
Or anything else that brings you joy and happiness.
For me it is…
Traveling the world.
Helping people.
Riding my motorcycles.
Hanging with my wife.
As soon as I think about those my frown melts away and I remember what is important.
Thankfully I have a coach that reminds me twice a week…
And more if I need it 🙂
You are an incredible human being capable of doing and having anything you want.
You just have to focus on what you want.
And go for it.
Hopefully that puts a smile on your face!
Cheers to you my friend!

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