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My name is Zach Oehlman and I grew up in a small town in Northwest Indiana called Kouts.

From a young age I had a desire to explore everywhere I could see.

This passion continued to grow as I became older but I settled for what I thought was “The American Dream” of getting a job and working until retirement.

I went to College at Indiana University and got a a double degree in Business and Finance.

I went on to work at The Chicago Board of Trade as a Commodities Broker.

Soon after that I got an amazing job working as a valuation consultant and later went on to work for a leading company and became a published author in the industry.

I was making six figures a year and had every compensation benefit you could think of including paid vacation, insurance, retirement plan and more.

I was so excited because “I made it”!

So I thought.

And the reality was that I was never more unhappy because I reached my dream and it wasn’t what I expected.

If fact it was entirely depressing.

I had nothing else to look forward to.

I was working 60 – 100 hours a week.

Stressed out because of the high profile cases I was working on.

And I didn’t know what to do as I spent the last 10 years of my life getting here.

Then a friend invited me to join his real estate investing community and everything changed.

Fast forward 18 months later I was doing deals and a little while later I quit my job.

I moved to Arizona and bought my first business that I flipped within a year.

I still had a desire to travel, help people, and make money so I started my own real estate investing community.

Fast forward 7 years later and we now run one of the most successful Training And Development Communitees for Real Estate Investors in the Country.

I have multiple businesses around the world including a Software Company, a Marketing Agency, a VA and Business Development Company, an Insurance Company, Amazon Stores, and more.

I have learned what it takes to be successful and love helping others create a vision that inspires them and then help them create a plan and take action.

I also love travel and have spent the last 30 months traveling the world with my amazing wife as we build and run our businesses.

We get to pursue our life long passion of traveling, helping people, and having amazing adventures and want to help others do the same.

Let us know how we can support you in creating a Vision and a Plan that inspires you 🙂