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Do you have what it takes…to let go.
Letting go can be scary.
If you want to have a better life you have to first let go of the one you have.
And that is scary!
Trust me when I say I know exactly what you have to go through.
I have gone through it multiple times.
And I will continue to go through it…
That is what it takes to grow…
And I never want to stop growing.
And I want you to know its okay to let go.
To let go of the things that aren’t serving you.
To end the relationships that don’t fill you with joy and excitement and love.
To end the job that you hate.
To end the relationship you feel trapped in.
To fire the clients that cause you so much headache.
Life is much better spent doing something you enjoy with people you enjoy.
And there is a polite and honorable way to let go of anything or anyone.
And it is as simple as…
Love them.
Honor them.
Don’t make them wrong.
And just be honest in a kind straight way.
It is one of the most liberating feelings I have ever felt.
It is still scary.
But totally worth it.
Because being stuck in a life that doesn’t inspire you is way harder.
But before you go liberating yourself…lol
Make sure you have a plan.
I see way to many people quit their jobs and struggle because they didn’t have a plan.
I see people winging it while starting a business.
I see so many things that could be avoided if they would have just made a plan…
And thought it through.
If you need help making that next step let me know as I can shine some lights where you are walking.
Cheers to finding your purpose and living it!

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