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I am calling it…
For you and the kids.
It is my new project I am creating and…
I am going to ride a motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina for it 🙂
Just writing this makes me get excited…
And nervous all at the same time 🙂
This project just came to me about two months ago.
I was walking home from the gym and I said…
I need an adventure…it has been almost a year since I did something wild and adventurous.
And then it hit me..
I said…
I need a motorcycle and…
I need to ride the Pan American Highway with it (Alaska to Argentina).
This has been something I have wanted to do for over 5 years and I thought to myself…
What a perfect adventure to start training for 🙂
So I started going to the gym.
Started doing 2,000 stair steps 3 times a week.
Weight lifting.
Eating better.
Doing as much as I could to start training for the big ride.
And then….
I bought a motorcycle 🙂
And just took it for its first ride!
A two day round trip from Medellin Colombia to Bogota Colombia and back.
Over 18 hours of riding in two days.
Through some epic landscapes.
And I can tell you…
It is exactly what the Dr. ordered 🙂
I have spent the last 9 months scaling some of our businesses and have spent the weekends at home relaxing and working on the next big projects and businesses.
And I love every second of it…
And I needed a break.
It reminded me of why we work so hard…
So we can fund our visions.
And this vision has been a long time coming.
It started off for the sole purpose of me accomplishing my goal…
And then transformed into a project to inspire kids to work hard for their dreams and for adults to not give up on their dreams.
And then the name came to me…
“For you and the kids.”
It came from a deep gratitude of everything I have today…
And my desire for everyone to have their version of it.
I thought of all the times I almost gave up.
Literally curled in a ball crying because I didn’t know what to do.
Panic attacks where I just laid on the ground with anxiety because I didn’t know what to do.
Driving 200 miles every day to go to a job that I didn’t get paid for….
But gave me experience.
I could go on for days on how many times I have wanted to give up…
But didn’t.
Because I had a little voice inside that said…
“What are you going to do if you give up.”
I started asking myself…
“What does give up look like?”
“What am I going to do in my free time if I give up on my goals?”
And a bunch of other similar questions.
Today I can see that this was me grappling with not having a purpose or intention.
But back then it was just a young man trying to find happiness and purpose in life.
Today I feel like that is exactly what I have.
And it would have never happened if I gave up and didn’t go through the growth pains.
Because anytime you want to grow it involves being uncomfortable at first.
Then it turns into something absolutely amazing.
Then it fades out and we need another opportunity for growth.
And the Pan American trip is exactly that for me…
Opportunity for growth.
And I want to share that opportunity for growth with my project…
“For you and the kids.”
It involves you finding something that inspires you and then putting all of your time and attention to it until you accomplish it.
It involves you living an extraordinary life.
Having it all.
The businesses.
The adventure.
The time.
The money.
And anything else you need.
Because when they say…
“Enjoy the destination not the journey”.
They are so right because the journey is an absolute adventure that no one knows until you start.
We all get to the top of the proverbial mountain different ways.
And it is almost always through something we never planned or expected.
Hence it is a true adventure 🙂
I am doing it to show kids the foundation of what it actually takes to turn a vision into a reality.
I am doing it to remind adults that anything is possible…
And I mean anything.
Fire up the “dream machine” and lets start creating together!
I am going to be hosting some free Vision To Reality Sessions where we help people get started so let me know if you are interested.
Cheers to you and your next adventure!

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