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💥🎙️⚖️ Are you ready to challenge everything you’ve ever known about money?

Ready to untangle the mysteries of the Gold Standard and fiat currency?

Welcome to a podcast that goes beyond traditional boundaries, a space that dares to ask the unasked, and explores the unexplored.

In our latest episode, we delve deep into a captivating debate – is the Gold Standard truly different from fiat currency under the floating value of gold? Here’s the bombshell – what if 1 ounce of gold, supposedly the rock-solid measure of wealth, could increase to an infinite value?

If that’s true, couldn’t the money supply also surge to boundless amounts?

Are we living in a world of misconceptions and half-truths about money?

This podcast is not about serving you ready-to-digest facts.

Instead, it’s an invite to embark on a thrilling intellectual journey, where we question everything, dive into the profound depths of financial concepts, and construct our understanding from the ground up.

No prior economic prowess required – only your curiosity and willingness to think.

Are you up for it?

🔔 Click below and tune in to our groundbreaking episode.

Prepare to see money and wealth in a completely new light!

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Experience the thrill of discovery as you join us on this journey towards financial enlightenment.

The truth might be stranger than you think!

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Zach Oehlman



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