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If you want to get paid more….
You have to become worth more.
And there is only one way to become worth more.
And that is to….
Learn a new skill.
The question is what skill should you learn?
That is where simplicity turns to complexity.
There are so many facets to this question.
Where are you currently at?
Where do you want to go?
What are your current skillsets?
What are your resources….
These are the things you need to consider when answering that question.
When you ask these questions…
You will get many answers.
The fun part is figuring out how it all goes together.
Once you figure that out….
You will have exactly what you want.
And you figure that out by learning from others who have achieved what you want.
Go find someone who inspires you to do more and be more…
And then study them like a book.
Attend their trainings.
Read their books.
Watch their videos.
Do everything you can to understand their journey so you can replicate it.
Because I promise you everyone has a journey full of ups and downs that we can learn from.
The question is who are you learning from?
Do they have what you want?
Do they embody who you are?
Are they creating the results you want to create?
Because if they aren’t….
Consider you need to find someone else that is.
Because tomorrow will come and go…
And you will spend a lifetime doing something.
Doesn’t it make sense to spend that time getting what you want?
Cheers to an amazing day!

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