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I am a Country Boy…
By Alan Jackson is playing while I sit in a motorcycle hangout in the Mountains of Colombia.
And I can’t think of anything other than all of my times back on the farm.
The wild adventures.
The valuable lessons.
The close friends that were…
And still are there if I need anything.
I used to think growing up in a small town limited me.
But today I see it built me into someone that can do anything.
I learned the life lessons to go out into the world.
To follow my dreams and…
Work hard.
To “plant the seed” so I can harvest later.
The life I live today is because of the things I started 20 years ago.
I learned that you have to get up and take action.
I learned you are going to want to quit…
But can’t.
The people I hire today don’t have expensive degrees or rich families.
They have something money can’t buy…
And that is grit.
The grit to accomplish whatever they need to do to get the job done.
I look for people who have been through hard things…
And came out on the other side with a smile.
Grateful for the experience and the lessons.
Someone that is willing to wake up before school to milk the cows…
And stay up late working ground to get the crop in.
Someone that is willing to sacrifice short term “fun” for long term gains.
Because you need to be tough to be in business.
It isn’t some fantasy like most people make it out to be.
It doesn’t get easier…
You get better.
And to get better you are going to have to go through some sh!$
So put your boots on…
And start working.
And if you need some help…
Consider hiring a country kid…
Because they were built for it.

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