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I am a farm kid through and through.
I used to live in a small town where people just drive through.
And today…
All I want to do is drive through those small little towns.
Meet the people…
Eat the food…
Listen to the stories…
And just be in the presence of a small town.
I grew up on a farm and all I could think about was getting out.
And today all I want to do is own a farm 😊
I enjoy the quiet of the countryside.
The fresh air.
The sounds of nature.
The friendly people.
The sunrises and the sunsets.
The pride in a hard days work.
Growing up on a farm is a special gift that stays with you forever.
The lessons about life.
The lessons about creation.
The lesson about working hard to get what you want.
You get to see firsthand the immense work it takes to create something as simple as a vegetable.
You get to experience what patience is while the creation process takes place in the background.
You learn you can’t force the process…
And you can’t skip steps.
You have to do the work and follow the process.
These lessons can be used in all parts of your life to create anything you want.
I am grateful to have grown up on a farm.
To been given the blessing of responsibility from a young age.
Because everything I learned then has helped me create what I have now.
It has taken me 20+ years to bring my dream of traveling the world to a reality…
But just like we learned on the farm…
If we follow the process and do the work the time to harvest will come.
Looking forward to planting new seeds to create the future.
Cheers to you and your next adventure!

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