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I am declaring it…
I am buying a farm in Colombia!
Not this farm…lol
But I am putting it on my vision board.
It is funny how I grew up on a farm…
And all I wanted to do was get off the farm.
Today there is nothing more relaxing than being and creating with nature.
I am blessed to have been able to travel the world living in over 24 countries.
And I have something amazing to share about every country I have lived in…
But Colombia has something special that makes my heart sing.
As we move forward in life I look forward to slowing down and taking it all in.
And there is no better place I can imagine doing that than on a farm.
My question for you is…
What do you want?
Have you shared it with anyone?
Sharing is part of the creation process.
It tells people how they can support and help you get what you want.
So don’t be quite about what you want!
Share it with the world 🙂
You can start by sharing it in the comments below…
And I will see if there is anything I can support you with.
Cheers to having it all…
And living a life that lights you up!

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