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I wish for you all to achieve everything you desire…

I say this because I feel I have finally achieved what it is I desire and it is the most amazing feeling ever.

Over 20+ years ago I said I wanted to….

Travel the world…

Help people…

And make money…

And today I am doing just that.

And the reason I am telling you this is because I know you can achieve your version of that.

I think intellectually we understand that but it needs to go even deeper than that.

It has to become a belief you hold.

Something that you focus on everyday.

You need to make it part of your morning routine.

And if you don’t have a morning routine start one…

It will change your life.

If you want to use the morning routine I use check out the Miracle Morning book.

I remember when I first started my morning routine over 11 years ago.

I literally took out a peace of paper and wrote down things like…

I am powerful…

I am strong…

I am smart…

I am great…

And similar things.

The first time I read these I drove down to the end of my rode so no one would hear me and whispered the words to myself…

Then drove onto work.

The next day I did the same thing…

But a little louder…

I repeated this daily until I was literally yelling from the top of my lungs.

And my body resonated with the belief that these things would happen.

Fast forward and most things I have wrote down and continue to write down happen.

And that is because I focus daily on it.

And these things don’t just miraculously appear in front of me.


What happens is opportunities arise that allow me to create them.

For example…

Hurricane Maria created an opportunity for Sumary to have to come to Arizona because she didn’t have a home….

We are now married.

Covid-19 forced me to move my businesses online…

Which allowed me to start traveling.

I have spent 20+ years and $500K+ developing my skills in making money.

We now have the finances to live an amazing life while still having the time to enjoy it.

The life I have today was a thought 20+ years ago and I have worked everyday to turn that thought into a reality.

I share all of this to make what I am going to say next a little softer…lol

So don’t get upset.

Do you promise?


Here is my point of view….

Try it on…

And share your point of view in the comments.

Most of us believe that happinesses is something that will come when we have something else…

Or are somewhere else.

I remember when I was living in a small town in Indiana.

All I wanted to do was “get out”.

So I moved to Chicago thinking it would be different.

And it wasn’t.

I moved to Arizona thinking it would be different.

And it wasn’t.

It seemed this overwhelming anxiety to “be someone” and “have something” followed me everywhere I went.

So I thought…

Maybe I need to buy something.

So I bought an awesome BMW 650i Convertable…

And it was so awesome…

For a while.

Then I got an amazing apartment…

And it was awesome…

For a while.

But the overwhelming anxiety to “be someone” and “have something” still persisted.

So I started traveling the world thinking that would put that anxiety to rest…

And it did…

For a while.

But it was always there.

It was like a pack of wolves stalking me.

I was always worried about what was next and if it was all going to fall apart.

Until recently.


I still have these thoughts but they are way less frequent.

And that is because I had one amazing breakthrough while I was in Arizona.

I was driving to get a hair cut for a dinner party I had.

It was Friday morning and I was excited but also anxious about holding everything together in my life.

About the businesses…

My marriage…

My friendships…

My adventures…

And I had this thought…

I am not my success.

And it stopped me cold in my tracks.

I pondered for a while on it and then had a sudden sense of peace.

Like the anxiety of the future just disappeared.

The anxiety to be successful in my businesses disappeared…

The anxiety to “get some where else” or “have something new” disappeared…

I looked back at my life and where I came from.

Five years ago I was living in an RV in my friends front yard.

Today I am traveling the world with the love of my life and making a difference with thousands of people everyday.

And I got present to the fact that I had everything I wanted.

I am living my life’s purpose.

And that was so freeing.

Now I just have to keep present to that daily 🙂

Now for the lesson…

I speak with people every day who say they want their version of this….

And most of them…

1). Don’t have a routine

2). Don’t have a plan

3). Don’t spend money on developing themselves

4). Don’t spend time on developing themselves

5). Aren’t present to the opportunity right in front of them

6). Are scared to death of actually having success

7). Have negative emotions and thoughts around money

8). Have improper expectations of what it takes to achieve success

9). Have improper expectations on the timeline to achieve success

10). Have zero intention in most things they do

And I can relate…

Because I didn’t have any of these when I first started…

And I think everyone can relate…

And I think the difference between the people who have success and don’t have success are their ability to transform thesehabits / practices / thoughts into something that aligns with their purpose.

Because most people are just trying “to make money” so they can “do something” or “get something”.

I still think that is great….but it is fleeting.

And some people in the coaching / consulting industry leverage that natural human desire for instant gratification with programs that promise to deliver amazing results in a short period of time.

(I say “some” because there are tons of great coaches and consultants out there. Just be careful and fully vet them and make sure you are truly ready for the program you are going to do.)

Things like…

Flip your way to freedom in 6 months…

Invest in Crypto and become rich overnight…

Start a business….anyone can do it….

Become an online marketer and travel the world now….

These are all designed to elicit that emotional aspect that we all have to our dreams.

And it works.

The challenge is it doesn’t tell the whole story.

So let me pull back the curtain a bit.

The reality is there is only one way to achieve something…

And that is through learning.

You have to learn everything in your life.

From how to walk and talk.

To driving a car.

To running a business.

And even how to have a happy marriage…ask me how I know 🙂

So we buy these programs with the expectation that we are going to achieve the same results as the person teaching the program…

In the timeline shared in the program.

(This is why we provide lifetime access…because everyone develops at their own rate)

And then the reality sets in….

We are in over our head.

We get scared, anxious, overwhelmed, and most of us do nothing…again…ask me how I know 🙂

Then the program runs its course and you are left with a $1K – $60K lesson.

I say lesson because there is a lesson learned in this.

And that lesson is achieving success in anything is a very sophisticated / complex equation that is different for each of us.

And the only way to figure that formula out is to take the next step and the next and the next until you figure it out for yourself.

And the way to expedite this process is to hire coaches…if you are ready for a coach.

But there is no short cut and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can start on the process of creating your version of your dream life.

And be prepared to spend the next 5+ years of your life perfecting your craft.

With that being said…

I want you to know you are not your success.

And you are an amazing individual right now.

Everyone of you is a somebody to somebody.

You all have people who look to you for guidance, wisdom, advice.

You are all making a difference in some ones life.

And if you are willing to put in the work you will get what you want…

If you don’t give up.

But I want to make sure you are in touch with reality so you don’t get frustrated on the timeline…

Or how you think it should look like.

Because I did not expect Hurricane Maria or Covid 19 to be something that created an opportunity in my life….

But it did.

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We look forward to creating an amazing future together!

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