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I have an idea….

And it goes something like this…

Create a project called….
The New BRRR Method.
It stands for…
Ride / Relax
And is another excuse for me to ride motorcycles…
And build businesses at the same time…hahaha
It goes something like this…
Build: Build a business that can support your goals / vision
Remove: Learn how to remove yourself from the day to day activities so you can focus on the business and not in the business.
Ride / Relax: Ride motorcycles and relax at our homes in Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Arizona and eventually other amazing places we visit.
Repeat: Take what we learned from the riding and relaxing and bring it back to our business to accomplish bigger goals.
The intention is to have a business that helps you create the life you want instead of being the only thing in your life.
Having a bunch of money is fanatic but making money for the sake of making money isn’t that satisfying.
Once you attach it to a goal it gives everything you do intention.
You can get excited about the most boring things because they ultimately lead to your big goal.
Again…ask my how I know…lol
I am thinking of having quarterly events where we spend a week organizing your business.
We go through the process I use to scale my and my clients businesses.
Finance: We get your finances in order. This includes your bookkeeping, entity structures, KPIs, tax strategy, financial projections, and more.
Operations: We create and organize your systems and processes so you can scale.
Sales: We create a sells process that doesn’t require you so you can focus other things.
Marketing: We create a marketing strategy that allows you to scale effectively, efficiently, and reliably.
We start to document the entire process so you can have something that is scaleable and sellable.
Then we spend a second week riding motorcycles in Colombia on an epic adventure.
Then the next quarter we meet again for a week and go through our business process.
Then a week of relaxing at our home in Puerto Rico.
Then the next quarter we meet in Arizona for a week and go through business process.
Then a week of CanAm riding in northern Arizona and Southern Utah.
This is where the magic happens because your mind is free to think and create about all the work we just did the previous week.
Hence the name “ride / relax”.
I have personally had so many breakthroughs riding my CanAm, motorcycles, hiking, and relaxing that have lead to huge shifts in my life and my goals.
We just keep repeating this process until we have what we want.
Our visions will get bigger…
And so will our adventures together 🙂
Let me know what you think and if you have any good ideas I can add.
Cheers to you and your next adventure!

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