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I have three goals in life.

1). Travel the World
2). Help People
3). Make Money 

The reason making money is so important is because it is the fuel to everything we do.

Traveling costs money.

Helping people costs money.

I have spent my entire life trying to figure out how to “make money” in a way that doesn’t require me trading time for money.

And I have finally figured it out and am using it to make the biggest difference I can.

Take a look at “Making A Difference” page to see how we are transforming the world with the money we make.
Our idea is that we create businesses that make money so we can use that money to make a difference instead of asking for handouts or spending our time fundraising.

Because we don’t have to depend on anyone else for our funds to make a difference we can make sure that everything we do is pure and done for the right reason and not just to appease the people with the money.
I have spent the last 18 years learning about business, finance, marketing, sales, and operations and have built an entire group of businesses that are the foundation of starting and scaling any business.

We have used these businesses to start and scale some of our current businesses past $1M and are partnering with other businesses to do the same.

These businesses are the foundation of scaling any business and we will be providing training and development across all aspects of business to help you and your team accomplish your goals.

The foundation of scaling any business is systems, process, and people.

This is why we created Elevate With a VA.

This is a business development and VA staffing company that we started to scale our other businesses. I own this business along with Thess and Darlene who run the day to day operations of the business.
We primarily focus on documenting day to day processes and then integrating people into these processes so you can focus on bigger picture tasks and really move into the CEO role of running a business.

A second business we started was My Systems To Success.

This is the technology side of running and scaling a business and includes everything you can think of. We have our own CRM and our own technology team that includes programmers, data scientists, and ads specialist.
We use this business to automate much of the day to day activities and then track everything we can so we can make educated decisions based on numbers.

These two businesses were created after spending millions on consulting, mentoring, programs, and trial and error.

My experience one scaling a business was I would hire one person to manage my marketing and another to manage my sales and another to manage my content creation and so on.

What I found was that each individual company would blame the other companies for lack of performance and everyone was pointing the finger at each other as no one wanted to take responsibility.

I was tired of spending so much time and money on stuff that wasn’t working and brought everything in house so I had control of everything from the lead generation to sales to fulfillment.

Now I had control of the entire process which meant I could understand and adjust much faster to what was needed.

I used this to create a model that can work in most businesses and am using it to partner with companies I believe in.

We take our business model and team and integrate it in companies to scale their companies.

We are currently working with 3 businesses to do this and it has had amazing results.

If you are a company that is looking to scale and remove yourself from the day-to-day activities reach out to me and my team.

and let’s see what we can create!