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Before you bring your opinion consider that this is a start to an idea that will develop over time….

And I would love your feedback / advice / education on ideas discussed 🙂


I am bringing a new context to the phrase “Get With The Program” because “The Program” is literally going to change the world and it is the most simplistic thing you have ever heard of.

Let me explain…

I have been asking myself the question: How do we end human suffering?

This has been a question I have been asking myself since I was a kid and everything I have done ultimately leads to answering that question.

To begin with I had to figure out how to end my suffering…lol

I have spent the last 20+ years discovering what really makes me happy and have reached a state of mind that is full of joy and happiness.

Do I still have “bad moments”?


But “the bad” only lasts as long as I allow my mind to stay in that context…which is why I surround myself with coaches to help me get out of that stinking thinking 🙂

I have literally created my life in a context of everything is Training and Development…and I mean everything.

From learning how to treat my wife in a way that empowers her…

To learning how listen to people…

To having compassion and love for everyone.

I believe we are literally born a blank slate and have been trained to be who we are today.

And if you disagree with that…its okay…because it works for me 🙂

Fast forward to present day….

I was on a survival trip in the Amazon Rainforest.

I literally spent 3 days in the Amazon Rainforest with nothing more than a pocket knife and two local guides.

We slept in the open on hammocks in a makeshift camp we built.

It was amazing!

And I asked my guides: Where is “this” rainforest problem everyone is talking about?

They proceeded to tell me it was in a different location and the stem of the problem was based around cutting down the rainforest to create farmland for the high demand in beef.

And then I had the thought that changed everything….

My thought was: How big of a check would I have to pay the farmers and people who purchased the beef for consumption not to farm it and eat it?

I imagined the farmers are raising the beef for a profit to have what they want out of life.

And I imagine the people who eat the beef eat it because they enjoy the taste and get some benefit from eating it.

Simple economics would suggest that there has to be an amount we could pay each of them not to do it.

Now…I don’t want to argue the “right or wrong” about whoever is doing something because that doesn’t lead to solving the issue.

We can all give our opinion of who is responsible for “the problem” but I want to take responsibility for the solution.

And it starts with having a conversation 🙂

I have learned a lot in my travels over the world and one of those lessons are:

When someone is faced with breaking the law or starving to death or dying of sickness…the law doesn’t matter.

Many of us have never been faced with that choice so it is hard to imagine but I have seen first hand the reality of the world and we have to consider this in the solution.

I proceeded with my thought and looked at how I achieved what I wanted out of life.

I asked the question: How do we fund “The Project” to end human suffering?

To feed the hungry.

To provide medicine to those who need it.

To provide shelter.

To provide mental health training.

To provide clean drinking water.

And the answer to my question was: “The Program”

Now that might not make sense to you so let me explain.

A Program is defined as: A set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim.

And “The Program” is a context I am creating that trains and develops individuals to make money to fund “The Project” to end human suffering.

The great thing about all of this is it can happen in a moment.

All you have to do is change your context about everything you do.

And it doesn’t cost you a penny to change your context.

This is why I have created all of my businesses to help other businesses have success and make money.

Because it is my hope if I can help others make money they will write a cheque to contribute to The Project to end human suffering.

Now instead of me and my wife writing a cheque we have millions of people writing cheques to contribute to the cause in a way that inspires them.

I see that this is a much easier way to scale than to “fund raise” the money.

I want to challenge each of you reading this to see money as a tool and that tool can be used to build a solution to any problem.

It can house the homeless.

It can feed the hungry.

It can pay for the Doctors and mental health professionals that people need to get through their challenges.

It can literally be used to solve anything….if used correctly.

The key is to train and develop people to use it in a way that has integrity.

This is why all of the businesses that I have started have a personal development aspect embedded into them and we only work with clients that share similar values and have something life changing to bring to the world.

If you need help scaling your business reach out to me and my team and lets have a conversation on what it looks like to change the world together 🙂

And if you don’t have a business but want to learn more about starting one reach out to us as well.

We have different support structures for different aspects of starting, scaling, and selling businesses.

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Hope to meet you and maybe even do business together one day 🙂

Indiana Oehlman

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