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Being nice is nasty.
But not in the way you are thinking.
First off…
I encourage everyone to be nice to other people.
I am talking about something much different.
I am talking about the “nice” we put on every day when someone says something like…
“What do you think?”
“Do you like it?”
“What should I do?”
There are so many questions people ask us where we are “nice” and…
We are robbing them of what they want when we answer with a “nice” response…
Instead of an honest response.
And you can be honest and kind at the same time…
Which is what I have been working on in my life.
Because if I am not honest with my team they will not grow or win.
And if my coaches and mentors are not honest with me I will not grow and win.
Something else I have learned is be careful who you ask for feedback from.
You might get honest feedback but it might be coming from a person that isn’t qualified to help you get what you want.
For example…
You shouldn’t ask a broke person about how to make and save money.
Someone that has been divorced six times about marriage advice.
Seek someone out that has what you want and let them fill you with the wisdom and experiences that got them there.
Let them show you the way.
And be coachable.
And remember…
You are someone to somebody.
Somewhere in life you are an expert and have wisdom to share.
The next time someone asks you for something put the niceness to the side and lead with kindness and honesty.
It will change their life if done correctly.
Finding the magic touch will be different for everyone but if you lead with love and kindness there is nothing for them to defend because you aren’t making them wrong…
You are helping them get what they want.
And that is what it means to be a coach…
Help someone get what they want.
I remember the first time I hired a coach and was brutally straight with me.
He told me…
I was responsible for everything in my life and I need to quit blaming others and take personal responsibility and that nothing will change until I do.
I didn’t want to hear any of it…
And I let it in because I was paying the guy to coach me.
It took everything I had to let it in…
And 5 minutes later my life changed because I now saw I didn’t have to wait for anyone to give me anything.
I dropped the victim mindset and saw…
I could go and create it right now.
That changed my life forever.
And would have never happened if he was “nice”.
You can only go as fast as you are willing to hear the truth about yourself without running away.
And thank you Del Hargis for being honest and straight with me over 10 years ago…it made all the difference.
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Cheers to the new year!

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