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Making money is a predictable art.
Notice I didn’t say predictable science.
That is because there is something predictable about making money.
Just like in art.
There is a predictable way to create the components…
Pens and pencils.
Only the artist can turn those raw materials into something beautiful and loved by the world.
The same is true in business and making money.
There is a predictable way to create the components…
Sales processes.
And offers.
But it takes wisdom and experience to turn those into a successful business that can generate profits.
Just like buying a paint brush and some paint doesn’t turn you into a master artist…
Buying a website and some special software doesn’t turn you into a successful investor or business owner.
The artist studies other artists.
They have a deep understanding of colors…
And textures.
They spend time crafting a story and intention around each piece.
They understand human emotion and story telling.
Their work is an expression of who they are and how they see the world.
And a successful person is no different.
They study their craft.
They study others in their industry.
They dedicate their life to becoming an expert at something.
In the world of business and making money it is no different.
You can take the raw materials called….
And turn them into a business.
But only a true artist knows how to create a masterpiece that makes that business profitable.
The question is….
How do you become an artist of making money?
The answer is….
Start painting…
Start drawing…
Start writing….
Start creating your masterpiece!
And it will develop over time.
In the world that looks like finding someone you admire and has the type of success you want…
And start studying what they did.
The books they read.
The trainings they took.
The advice they give.
Take it all in and put in on the canvas called….
Eventually you will create a masterpiece that the world will love!
And that is what I call…
The Art of Business.

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