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Tell me if you can relate….

You are in an amazing place with a special someone trying to enjoy each other or enjoy the moment…

And all you can think about is what you should be doing.

I call this the stress of relaxing and I have learned how to break free of it…mostly…lol.

One of the reasons I was experiencing the stress was because I took on way to much in the first place.

I see most people do the same thing and I think it is common when getting started because we don’t have any idea what we are in for and at the same time…

There is no one else to do it so we are left with no other options.

And then it becomes a way of life.

We take on all of the work and are left exhausted, stressed, and underpaid.

But I want to assure you there is a way out of it…because I got out of it…and if I can you can.

The first step in this process is coming to the actualization that you are not happy with the current day to day process you are living.

You have to get sick and tired of working round the clock, not having any personal time, or being able to have the “freedom” you desired when you first started your business.

I say you need this desire because it is the only thing that will keep you focused and on track as the process of removing yourself from your business will be one of the most challenging things you have ever done….and you will need rocket fuel to get it accomplished 🙂

So get connected with something that inspires you to keep going.

Once you are connected with your why you need to take an assessment and determine what do you really want.

I say this because each of us are unique and some of us actually enjoy going into the office and others like myself love traveling the world and working from my labtop.

There is no right answer here…only one that aligns with what you want.

So ask yourself some of these questions:

1). What does my dream life look like?

2). Where will I be working from?

3). What does my dream day look like?

4). What is the contribution you are making to the world?

5). What are the feelings you experience with this dream day?

The more detailed you can create the future the better it will work.

If you want more books on this please read:

1). The Secret

2). The Gap & The Gain

3). The Science of Getting Rich

4). Think & Grow Rich

5). The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

The next step is to get an understanding of your current resources that can help you get there.

This is going to be different for each of you as you each have unique skillsets, goals, and resources.

Take an assessment of your skillsets.

What are you great at and what are things you are not great at.

And for some of you…

You will have to become great at what you aren’t great at if you can’t afford to hire someone else.

The thing every one of you needs to know is that the marketing and sales aspect of your business will be the most critical for you to understand because it is the most expensive to replace yourself in.

This is because great sales and marketers know their value and people are willing to pay them because they get results.

If you are low on capital the best skillset you can develop yourself in will be sales and marketing because you can sell someone else’s products / services and get paid which is a skillset that is like printing money…

Once you figure it out.

If you need help figuring out your skillsets schedule a strategy session call with one of our team members and we can help you figure it out.

Once you have your skillsets figured out you need to look at your overall business and ask yourself some of the following questions:

1). What is the value of my business? Is it me or can I hire someone to do it?

This includes a lot of people such as Doctors, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Etc and is much harder to remove yourself from the day-to-day activities. My advise for these individuals would be focus on making as much money as you can in the daily activities and invest in real estate and businesses that they aren’t the main point of value.

2). Am I in a business that is scalable?

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen people make is to sell faster than they can support. This never ends well and can crush you right out of the gate. You want to make sure that your operations can keep up with the sales team. We have a couple different businesses that require different levels of support. Our real estate investing community requires daily support and coaching and our Genius Programs require almost no support other than someone to manage emails / FAQs. The second is much easier to scale because I don’t have a lot of after sale support costs. You will want to run your sales projections to see if your business is in fact scalable. This will be a great exercise and you will learn so much about your business.

3). Have you done your financial projections?

In my opinion this is the starting point to everything because you need to understand your financial metrics to make sure you don’t run out of cash (ask me how I know…lol) and that you are maintaining profit margin as both revenue and expenses grow. Your projections will drive all decisions from marketing, sales, and operations. You will be able to track conversions through the entire sales process to determine where you can increase performance and conversions which will ultimately lead to increased profits.

4). Do you have your SOPs created?

Does your business pass the “hit by a buss” scenario? Most people’s don’t and if you are wondering what that test is…it is a test to see if your business would continue to run if you got hit by a bus. Most business owners are the business, and it would stall if they were removed. The key is creating Standard Operating Procedures that are essentially instructions on how to run the business. Without these you will be a slave to your business so become a master at this and you can slowly remove yourself from the day to day activities.

5). Do I have a scalable lead generation strategy?

This is where most people fail to scale because they can’t effectively generate a consistent flow of leads. This is a tricky position to be in because one of your first hires will probably be for the sales team as a setter or as a closer and you will need consistent leads to keep them happy or they will leave (ask me how I know 😊). I have spent over $200K in training programs just to learn how to effectively generate leads and create sales processes to manage the leads and today we follow a very advanced process that allows us to split test different variables for each section of the ads. If you want to learn more about our ads process you can check out where we get trained from as we are certified through their program. It is MINT CRO (

There are many more questions to ask after this but this is the main part of getting out of the gate.

Once you have these pieces to the puzzle ironed out you can bring in a closer to the team and that is where the magic happens!

Then you can focus on providing the service that people bought as opposed to selling and running the business.

Then you can slowly remove yourself from the operations and support side of the business once you have enough income to start hiring people.

The better you get at creating SOPs, automation, business development skills the easier and cheaper you will be able to find someone for the positions.

This is because you have a well-designed plan with crystal clear directions that anyone with the correct skillsets should be able to follow.

You are now process dependent instead of people dependent.

And you are always going to be people dependent so make sure your team is happy…

And that is an entire different conversation we can have later 😊

For now focus on getting these principle components completed so you can move in the direction of actually enjoying your free time and have your business work for you.


Understand this is a process and takes time.

You are not going to instantly remove yourself from everything if you are the lifeline to everything.

You will need to be strategic in your decisions and where you spend your time and if you can afford it I highly recommend hiring a coach or joining a coaching program that supports you in actually starting, scaling, and selling businesses.

If you need someone to talk to reach out to our team as we offer custom solutions based on your needs and even partner with people on their businesses.

A couple great books to read that really put this into perspective are:

1). The E-Myth Revisited

2). The 4 Hour Workweek

3). Scaling Up

4). Systemology

They will help you get a better understanding of what the entire picture should look like so when you are working with a coach or in a program you will understand the intention of what you are doing…

Which will help you make better decisions.

And remember….

Don’t forget to have fun.

That is why we got into this in the first place…

Isn’t it?

Let us know how we can support you from anything to Speed Reading, Memorization, Business Development or Investing as we have multiple companies with amazing educations and support.

Have a great day and see you on the next blog 😊

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