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They left a couple things out when they told you…
You can have anything you want if you just work hard.
Ask me how I know…lol
I remember saying…
“I feel like someone lied to me when they said you can have anything you want if you just work hard because I can’t work any more hours in the day and I don’t have what I want.”
I was literally working 80 – 100 hours a week at a financial consulting job.
I was working when I should have been in the hospital.
I would work all night and catch a nap on the floor to get big projects done.
I would spend all of my available time working or learning so I could get what I want.
I didn’t have it.
Here are something’s that they never told me…or maybe I just didn’t listen good enough when they said…
“If you work hard you can have whatever you want”.
1). Experience is the gas to the growth. The more experiences you have the the faster you grow. Seek to get as much experience and responsibility as you can. You need to make sure it aligns with your overall goal so it actually helps you grow
not just stay busy.
2). There is only one way to make money and that is sales. If your goal involves making large amounts of money the sooner you become great at sales the sooner you achieve your goals. I am not talking about the sleazy used car sales guy. I am talking about being someone that can help real people solve real problems and getting paid for it. The bigger the problem the
bigger the pay check.
3). Write down exactly what you want. It helps keep your mind focused and helps you create the vision you want. The clearer the picture the faster it works. Use vision boards to help in the creation process.
4). The only way to make more money is to learn a new skill. If you stop learning you will stop earning. I promise. The key is to learn the correct things. This is where your mentors will help.
5). Have a mentor that is one step in front of you and one that has what you want. You want a mentor that has everything you want to show you the direction. You want the mentor one step ahead of you to show you the steps. The steps are the tiny things that all lead in the direction.
6). You can’t skip steps. There is a process to achieving goals. The bigger the goal the more steps that you need to take. You can take these steps as fast as you want but you can’t skip steps.
These are just a few things I have learned through my mentors and hope to pass on to you so you can have everything you want.
I may not have the answer but I know the direction you need to go if you want to travel the world, run online businesses and have epic adventures.
So DM me and lets create together.
Cheers to you next adventure!

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