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To all of the new graduates out there…
You did it!!
From high school…
To College…
You just achieved something huge!!
I love seeing all of the photos and celebrations!
You have a wide open road ahead of you…
And the lessons you learn from here on out are going to be more valuable than any school can teach you.
School has prepared you for the world in so many ways.
And now the world will teach you all that is has to teach.
Treat life like the classroom.
Learn from everything…
And I mean everything.
Things will be hard.
You will want to quit.
You will blame others.
You will have people let you down.
You will have people lie to you.
You will break your word.
You will mess up.
You will let people down.
None of this means you are a bad person or aren’t enough.
It is the learning process.
Keep a smile on your face…
And most importantly…
Keep an intention in your life.
It will keep you on the right track…
And bring you everything you need to make your vision a reality.
Cheers to graduating to the class called…
You are going to do amazing 🙂

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