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We left in August of 2020…

Had our apartment moved into storage while we were in Colombia….

And just returned back to the United States…

What an EPIC last 2.5 years filled full of adventure and growth.

We spent 2 Months in Hawaii…

1 Month in Puerto Rico…

4 Months in Colombia….

1 Month in Mexico….

2 Months in Peru….

2 Months in Jamaica….

1 Month in Dubai….

2 Months in Dominican Republic….

2 Months in Brazil….

2 Months in Argentina….

1 Month in Kenya….

1 Month in Albania….

1 Month in Costa Rica….

A weekend in Uruguay….


We have just bought our first “home” in Dewey Arizona 🙂

And I love being back in Arizona as it has given me some time to reflect.

And take things “slow”….

Today I appreciate things much more than I did before my travels.

The simple things such as getting healthy food from a grocery store….

Or having the waitress actually understand what I am saying when I order.

I remember when I was a kid and wanted to travel….

People warned me it was dangerous….

And that foreigners didn’t like people from the United States….

And I am excited to say….

They were all wrong 🙂

And the old saying….

“You Get What You Give”

Is so true.

The people of every Country welcomed us with nothing but love and generosity….


I believe that is because that is what we came with.

Here is one thing I have learned….

Most people are more scared of me….

Than I am of them.

I remember being in remote villages of Colombia where the kids have never seen a “north americano” before.

They surrounded me and stared at me with wonder.

The exact same thing at the goat market in Kenya.

I was surrounded by a group of Massai men….

Looking at me and my cell phone in pure amazement.

And in all of these instances we may have spoken different languages….

But kindness and love on both sides of the conversation really made the difference.

I remember the waiter in my corner diner in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I would go in there daily and order a glass of wine and a chicken sandwich while I worked and day dreamed.

I would show him photos of my adventures….

Of me going to the Boca football game….

And we would high five and celebrate with each other.


He didn’t speak english….and I didn’t speak spanish.

I remember the night before we left Buenos Aires.

I told Sumary I had to go say goodbye to my friend…

I went and ordered my last chicken sandwich and told my friend goodbye….for now…..

And I literally cried as I gave him a big hug.

The world is an amazing place full of amazing people who love sharing their lives with you.

So don’t be afraid to start traveling 🙂

I promise….

You won’t regret it.

I can’t wait to share all of the photos and amazing stories now that I have some time to get caught up….

Have an amazing day….

And book that next trip 😉

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