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I can tell so much about you by looking at one thing…
And it isn’t your instagram…
Or any other social media profile.
It is your bank statement.
How you spend your money tells so much about you.
You can see what you are really committed to.
For example…
You say you want to loose weight but don’t spend any money on gyms, coaches, or nutrition.
You say you want to make more money but don’t spend any money on education and developing your skills.
You say you want to be healthy but you don’t spend any money on healthy food, doctors, or education.
What you spend money on tells a lot about you.
But what you don’t spend money on…
Says even more.
There is a saying that says…
Money follows value.
And that isn’t always true.
How many times have you done something valuable and not been paid?
But what is true is…
Money is value.
Money is the stored value of your resources.
You trade your time for money.
You trade your resources for money.
Some of you trade your money for the possibility of making more money every time you invest in something.
Others of you trade your money for knowledge to make more money.
Take a look at what you spend money on and ask the questions:
Is what I spend money on helping me accomplish my goals?
Could I spend my money better to accomplish my goals?
For almost all of you the answer will be yes to the second question.
I know it is for me.
Which is why I am always doing this exercise to make sure I am spending my money in the best way to accomplish my goals.
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With the hopes that we can inspire people to make money to make a difference.
Cheers to the next adventure!

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