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It might look like fun and games on the outside but I had an intention when I went into the jungle…lol

You can think of it as a question I was trying to answer.

My wife and I are speaking at an event of almost 1,000 people at the end of this month on building successful communities and why they are important for your success.

We were asked this because we are part of a very successful real estate investing community and we are training on how to replicate it….but after looking we really couldn’t put our finger on it.

And the question we were trying to answer is: what is “Community” and how do we experience it.

We talk about it every day….but put very little time thinking about what it is.

We started asking this question over 4 months ago and have gone through phases.

Looking at it from different angles.

Seeing things that a “Community” needs.

Talking about different “Communities” that we are part of.

Fun communities like my Can-Am Community.

My traveling Community.

My real estate investing community.

Others like my religious Community…

And my actual physical Community.

This weekend I went into the Jungle because I wanted to experience what it was like to live like someone that lived here before us….

You could call it a “different community” than I was used to experiencing.

I wanted to eat the food they ate.

I wanted to hunt the way they hunted.

I wanted to sleep the way they slept…

And that meant actually living off the land.

Sleeping in the Jungle under the stars.

And OMG…was it terrifying….hahaha

I kept asking myself why am I doing this?

And the answer over and over again was “because it is hard”.

I didn’t have to eat the bug…. catch the Caiman…or sleep outside in the middle of the Amazon

But I did and it was an amazing experience because I made it through and got to say I did it.

I conquered my fear and won!

Looking at it through the eyes of the Community I can say I would have never been able to do that by myself.

I wouldn’t know what to eat…

What to drink…

What is okay to touch…

What can kill you…

And what can keep you safe?

I literally had all of the resources right in front of me…

But I didn’t know which one to use for what.

Today I can say I could survive 😊

But it took a “community” of people for me to be able to push through those fears.

I had people guiding me the entire way.

From the moment they picked me up at my doorstep to the moment they dropped me off.

I was with my local “Amazon Community” and I felt safe while also pushing through my fear.

I would have literally given up and would have not grabbed the Caimen if it wasn’t for Nigel showing me how to do it.

And then…

Literally laying right next to me on the boat while I was 6 inches away freaking out…

Saying….”GRAB IT”

“You can do it”….

And then I grabbed the Caimen and pulled it into the boat…

Now it was a small Caimen…

But it was mine 😊

And the feeling I had of conquering my fear was amazing.

That is when I fully experienced what it meant to be in a community that wants you to win your game.

Nigel knew that I wanted to do it so bad and he supported me in my dream.

Now I know exactly how to articulate what we have been able to create on an International level…

And can’t wait to share it with the team at the end of the month!

The sooner you realize you can’t do things on your own the sooner you can accomplish what it is you want.

Find those that are willing to support you in your goals and share what you want…

And then ask for support to get it.

We all have skillsets that someone wants to learn.

Be a mentor and show them how to do it…

You never know the difference something as simple as eating a bug, catching a Caimen and some other crazy things can mean to someone 😊

Have an amazing day!

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