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Getting what you want in life is all mindset.
And I can prove it.
There are people all over the world that have what you want.
They have the physical bodies you want.
They have the bank account you want.
They have the relationship you want.
They have the business you want.
You can find someone that has whatever you want.
And they all share how they got it.
They write books.
They publish blogs.
They make movies.
They are literally screaming from the roof tops how they did it.
The real question you should be asking is…
Why don’t I listen?
Why don’t I read their book?
Why don’t I watch their movie?
Why don’t I do what they are telling me to do?
Once you can answer that question you will start to understand what separates the people that get what they want and the ones
that do not.
For me it boiled down to one simple thing…
I was afraid of people.
I was afraid of doing it wrong.
I was afraid of getting laughed at.
I was afraid of failing.
I was afraid of the world.
I finally saw that all of the excuses I had such as….
I don’t have enough time.
I don’t know how.
I can’t.
Or whatever excuse I made was exactly that…
An excuse.
I read an amazing book called…
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.
And it changed everything for me.
I was able to see that the voice that made the excuses was not me.
The book gave it a name.
He called it…
The Resistance.
It was the…
Self Doubt
That we all face when we are taking on something new.
I was able to separate it from what I really wanted and who I really was.
I wrote out the word “Resistance” and put a big circle and slash through it.
I hung it in my car.
In my bath room.
I took a photo of it and had it on my phone background.
I declared it was a “Resistance Free Zone”.
Every time I wanted to do something that would move my life
forward but was afraid…
I would simply look at the photo and make a move.
Today I still deal with “The Resistance” but I am much more equipped with coaching, mentors, and education to take it on.
As my goals and life get bigger so does “The Resistance” and so will I if I want to keep winning and accomplishing my goals.
This is why I spend so much time with my coaches, mentors and education.
I am working on myself so I can take on whatever challenge is next so I can win.
If you are dealing with getting started or moving forward on something that is very important to you consider it might be….
The Resistance.
And the best way to conquer it is by reading Steven’s book: The War of Art.
I promise you will thank me.
Cheers to your next adventure!

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