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All I want for Christmas is for you to be kind.
This is what was written on my placemat as I sat down for breakfast on my last motorcycle ride.
And it made me think…
A lot.
I thought about the times I wasn’t the kindest.
The times where I lost my temper.
The times where I didn’t have compassion.
And it got me really present to the impact of not being kind.
I have been on both ends of that stick and neither of them is a fun place to be.
When we look up the word Kindness in the dictionary we get…
“The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”
And that is something that I think the world could use more of right now as we all go through life together.
If we can remember that we are all dealing with something.
That we all have bad days.
That we all get upset.
That we are all just trying to find our way through life.
Then it will be a little easier to remember to be kind to our fellow humans 🙂
Because I know when I get upset and the person is kind to me back I loose my upset and anger almost immediately.
And if you are in every conversation you have….
Then you have the opportunity to be kind to someone else who will loose their upset and anger.
And who wins then?
You both do 🙂
And yes….
You can learn to be kind.
And there will be times you won’t be kind.
Ask me how I know…lol
But just maybe the person you are talking with read this and realized you are dealing with something and they will be kind.
And as they say…
Don’t mistake kindness for weakness
Because some of the most kindest people I know are also very successful.
They have mastered the craft of being kind and direct which is an amazing skillets to be developed in.
So how do you learn how to be kind?
Well what I practice is…
Understanding my own emotions and triggers and then understand that everyone else has their own.
For example, I know how to upset my wife and she knows how to upset me.
So when one of us is dealing with one of the things that upset us the other person takes the lead on the “kindness train”…
Once you master this you can see it in everyone.
Each of you have things that can instantly turn a great day to a horrible day.
Learn what those are for you.
See how you react.
Does your mind go blank?
Do you say things you wish you didn’t?
Do you get body sensations?
The better you identify it in you the easier it will be to identify it in other people.
Then you know exactly who needs some kindness in their life.
And that is what I want for this Christmas….
For all of us to remember to be kind.
Cheers to your next adventure!

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