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I want you to imagine you have a Wild Stallion that just got stung by a swarm of hornets in front of you….

And your job is to train the Wild Stallion to be calm.

That is the best explanation I have at this time that explains how hard it is to manage emotions across all spectrums because we are emotional by nature.

And for those quiet people like I used to be….consider withholding emotions from everyone is equally as hard to tame….because the emotions still exist.

And the more and more I grow the more and more everything comes down to managing my emotions.

I watch movies like Top Gun and see these fighter pilots in the most stressful environment you can think of and they are cool as a cucumber 🙂

I walk around Thailand and see Monks in pure peace filled with joy…

And I know this is possible for everyone….if they put in the work.

That is one of my many goals I am currently working on and I feel I have come a long way…and have lots of room to grow.

In the business world I see emotions running wild.

One day you feel like the king of the world…

And the next day you feel like you got into a street fight with a gang of UFC fighters….lol

The ups and downs of life are intense and when you bring in something like starting a business it will break the strongest of people.

And in my opinion….

It all comes from one thing.

And that is:

“Anxiety / Stress = when what is shouldn’t be.”

I have been pondering on this thought for months and it is incredible how powerful this is.

Let me share with you what I mean…

Have you ever said any of the following:

1). It shouldn’t be this way….

2). That isn’t fair….

3). That isn’t right….

4). This isn’t going to work….

5). I can’t do this….

Or any other form of saying “what is shouldn’t be”.

The response I always get in my coaching when I fall into this trap is….

“Who says it shouldn’t be this way?”

And the answer is always the same: “they said”….

And I can never find them 🙂

And it always comes back to the same conversation of…

What am I committed to and what is my intention.

These two super powers can tame the wildest of beasts 🙂

And that is because I don’t know one entrepreneur or business owner that is really committed to…


Hurting others….

Making others wrong….

Blaming others…

Being righteous

Or any of the things we all do.

And I feel it is because we loose track of our intention and our commitment….

Or even worse…

Don’t have an intention or commitment.

It is my experience that you need to constantly be working on yourself to experience the true joy of life because it takes training and development to be happy….

Ask me how I know… 🙂

So if you want to begin your journey to the next thing make sure you are taking care of your mental health.

I can personally tell you over the years I have been….

1). Curled in a ball crying because I didn’t know what to do

2). Want to throw everything out and quit and go ride motorcycles by myself…and not come back…

3). Fallen over in my chair because of an anxiety attack

4). Not been able to sleep for months because of stress

I could continue but I hope you get the point.

And I talk to people every day that deal with the same thing.

And if that is you….

I want you to know its common…

And if you don’t manage it….

It will run you into an early grave unless you can manage it.

And the best way I have found to manage it is my morning routine and coaching.

My morning routine consists of the following:

1). 1 Hour of Meditation from Dr Joe Dispenza

2). Mind Valley Class on Personal Development (20 – 45 minutes depending on class)

3). Review my vision board

4). Review my affirmations

5). Journal

6). Review my Growth List

7). Review my Contribution List

8). Review my Experience List

9). Update my Daily Gains list

10). Update my Miracles I Witnessed List

11). Grab coffee and continue learning something through out the day.

I also have a very intentional day that includes my coaching programs of:

1). 1 On 1 coaching twice a week coaching session for 30 minutes each. I focus on keeping an empowering context and moving my life forward in all aspects.

2). Group coaching for 1 hour each week for the 12 Week Year coaching session. We focus on task driven outcomes to keep us intentional and moving forward.

3). Bi-Weekly Coaching for my entire team of leaders (currently 45 people in 10 countries) to keep us all empowered. We have been doing this for 2+ years and it has grown from 8 people into 45 people! This is designed to keep everyone moving forward so we can all grow together.

And I am going to include excercise in my routine soon 🙂

But before you freak out about how much this is….

Understand this is something I have built over the last 11 years and I started with one simple thing daily which was affirmations.

So do one thing each day that helps you create your goals or move you closer to your goals.

And spend time on understanding yourself as a human and how you react, act, respond to things that have nothing to do with your intention or commitment.

And you will see like me….I waste a lot of time on things that don’t matter 🙂

And that is the game I am playing to win!

Letting go of the things that don’t matter so I can focus on the things I am committed to.

If you need help with anything business or investing related…or just want to increase your performance in a certain skill set…check out our coaching and education to help keep you empowered and moving forward in your game!

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Looking forward to seeing you on a training one day!

And maybe even on one of our trips one day 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Indiana Oehlman

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