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I travel to get lost.
Because that is where the adventure begins.
I was on a Podcast today and that was my answer to why I do what I do.
I have been asking the question…
“What’s over there?” ever since I was a kid.
It started off with exploring my farmland…
And then I took the leap and ventured off our land and onto others.
We would ride our bikes across the county just to see what was there.
Then I got a car and we left the county and ventured to other states.
We would just drive to drive and explore.
Listening to music and enjoying the adventure.
Whenever life seemed a little dull we would add some life to it with a trip.
As I got older the urge to see “whats over there” never went away.
So instead of a car…
I hopped on a plane and the dullness of life instantly became a new vivid action packed experience.
Everything is new.
The people.
The buildings.
The roads.
The shops.
The culture.
Travel is the ability to experience the first time anytime you want.
That ability for all your thoughts to go away and just see everything if full living color.
To hear the new noises.
To feel the weather.
To smell the new smells…
And anything else that is brewing.
It gives us the ability to experience life in a way that I can’t find any other way.
The risk.
The unknown.
The newness.
These are all things that hold us back from accomplishing our goals…
But when you travel you get the opportunity to confront them everyday.
These risks…
And newness is what keeps us alive…
And as I shared today on the podcast you need to take calculated risks because…
I want to make it home to my wife and my team.
If you have ever wanted to travel I encourage you to do it in 2024.
Pick a place.
Find out how much the ticket is.
Find an Airbnb / Hotel.
Research some places to visit.
People to meet.
And guides to show you the way.
Save up some money and…
And I promise…
You will never feel more alive.
And the journey begins as soon as you say…
“Yes” to my request.
So go ahead…
And take a little risk and adventure into the unknown.
Let me know if you need any help getting there.
We are hosting a free Vision To Reality 2024 training next week.
It is totally free to you and anyone you want to share it with.
We will be helping you create a 2024 that pulls you forward and lights you up!
Link is in comments below.
Looking forward to adventuring into the unknown with some of you next year!
Cheers to your next adventure!

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