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The saying “If I knew then what I know now things would be different”…

Has never had more meaning in my life than it has in the last couple of months.

I have taken time to personally get on strategy session calls for our coaching and education business for our real estate investing community and have had some amazing conversations.

I heard triumphant victories…

I heard sad stories…

I heard things that reminded me of my journey…

And all I can think of is…

They have no idea what they are getting into….

And I hope they have the courage to stay in it and get what they want.

I say this because most of these individuals I meet with have the money to retire right now…

But they don’t have the education to use it in a way where they can retire.

Because capital without education and experience is a paperweight.

I say this because I met with one individual who has over $2M in liquid capital and is worried about making $10,000 a month.

And this is common because I speak with people like this every day.

And when I tell them I will give them $10,000 a month right now to lend their money to me they freak out.

I have even offered people more money than they wanted to make…

And they freak out because I just gave them what they thought they wanted and they don’t know what to do with it.

They go into a panic and all types of weird things happen in their minds.

But ultimately they come to the realization that they need more education.

Then some do and some don’t get educated.

Of the ones who get educated the majority of them will fall out because lack of intention and commitment.

And then there will be the few who actually had what it takes to accomplish this great feat.

And they all started with enough money to retire at their desired monthly income.

So if it isn’t money that stops people from retiring what is it?

The answer is simple….

It is education and experience.

Because if uneducated money is a paperweight….

Educated money is a tactical weapon that can accomplish any mission.

I say this because I do deals with none of my own money.

I start businesses with zero money…only my experience.

I have recently started two additional businesses that have already made a profit and we haven’t even started running ads.


I have been at it for 20+ years….

Have two college degrees…

Worked for one of the best financial consulting companies in the world…

Am a published author…

Spent $500K+ on coaching, education, personal development…

Have lost more money than most people have made…

And have had everything still be trial and error.

I say this because this is all education and it all helped me get where I am today.

And there is no short cut.

So if you ever hear someone say fast and easy about real estate investing, businesses, or making money…run…and run fast.

Because they have something to sell you 🙂

The reality is most people are better off keeping their job and earning more income in their jobs to buy cash flowing real estate on the side and eventually retire that way.

The dream of “fix and flipping or wholesaling” your way to wealth is possible…but harder than most can imagine.

So if you have a job consider taking the time to advance in that career and invest in real estate as a side hustle.

Because the reality about fix and flipping or wholesaling is it is a business….and most people aren’t ready to start or run a business.

And some are….

And its my goal to help you understand if you should or shouldn’t start a business or invest in real estate.

I want to do this because I see so many people ruin their financial lives trying to invest in real estate when they have the wrong expectations from the very start.

They try doing it with no education and no coaching and it almost ultimately leads to disaster that way.

I created something called the Mastermind Matrix to help you understand what type of education / mentoring / coaching you need based on where you are at in your training and development.

You can access it free here:

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We build Communities of like minded people so we can all learn from each other and leverage each other skillsets.

Looking forward to seeing you on a training one day!

And maybe even on one of our trips one day 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Indiana Oehlman

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