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Pepole don’t care what you don’t like.
Or what you don’t want.
Tell them what you like and what you do want.
After 15 years in the coaching industry….
I have found that most people can’t answer that question.
And there was a point in time I couldn’t answer it.
I was so focused on the negative things in my life.
The things I hated.
The people that upset me.
The things that didn’t go my way.
That I had no time to spend on creating what I actually wanted.
And guess what I got?
More of the same.
Until I did something bold.
I hired a coach who literally kept asking….
What do you want?
Who is there?
We did this exercise every Monday for 30 minutes for 1 year.
And guess what?
Over 5 years later I have achieved almost all of those things.
It was one of the hardest things I have ever done.
When I first started I had a hard time coming up with a couple of words.
Then after a couple of months spent priming the proverbial “creation pump” it started flowing.
I started sharing what I wanted in all aspects of my life.
My work.
My relationships.
My adventures.
My physical.
My emotional health.
My fun time.
Literally every part of my life had a direction.
And it felt great.
Because I had intention now.
I still use this process to create everything in my life.
I spend time writing and vision boarding.
This is how I have started all of my businesses.
How I have been traveling the world full time for 4+ years.
How I met my beautiful wife.
And everything else.
So if you are ready for the ride of your life I have two questions for you….
What do you want?
What can you do to turn your dreams into a reality?
Cheers to another amazing day!

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