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This is it.
Well…sort of.
This is it and it can get better.
I heard this phrase the other day and it has stuck with me.
And that is…
“Happiness is not a destination but a direction.”
If that is true then you can be happy today.
And happier tomorrow.
And even happier in two days.
Then eventually you won’t even recognize the old you because you will be so happy.
But it all starts with being happy now.
And for me that was hard and sometimes still is.
And then I have this voice saying…
“This is it.”
To remind me that there is no thing or place that can make me happy.
I have personally traveled around the world looking for happiness.
And the more I travel the more I see it is not some place on a map or in some material possession.
It is created within me and I bring it to these places.
I love the book Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl as he talks about this through some of the most horrific events we have seen.
When I am reminded that “this is it” and that nothing outside of me is creating my emotions.
Rather it is my internal dialogue and past experiences that is causing me to react emotionally because…
We are humans and that is what humans do.
The better we master our emotions the easier we can progress down that happiness road.
So how do we master our emotions?
Here are two strategies I use on a daily basis….
Say that you are sorry to the people you feel like you need to.
Forgive those who were a jerk to you.
And that should handle it.
Feeling guilty about something?
Give them a call and let them now how you feel.
Someone cut you off?
Forgive them and have compassion for what they “could” be going through.
This can be used for anything.
The key is to remember…
Which I can admit can be challenging at times 🙂
But your “muscle” will get stronger every time you use it so start being conscious when you can use these.
This is it.
How can it get better?
That is a great question!
So start asking how and you will get the answer.
Cheers to your next adventure!

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