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Do you know how much your daily coffee prolongs your retirement?

I do 🙂

Because I have a tool that can help predict the future!

And it can answer all of your questions.

Such as….

1). Should I buy a house or rent?

2). Should I spend my bonus on a vacation or invest it in a business opportunity?

3). Should I super size my Big Mac meal….or go with the dollar menu?

All of the decisions you make every day from the food you eat to the car you drive affect your finances yet almost no one understands the impact of these decisions because of the complexity of the entire system as a whole.

It is an incredibly complex formula that the most advanced softwares have a hard time predicting.

And that is because…

1). Each person has a unique situation.

2). Each person has a unique starting point.

3). Each person has a unique goal.

4). Each person has a unique set of circumstances.

5). Each person has a different risk tolerance.

6). And each person has a different view of the world.

Most of the tools that do exist are generic and try to model out a generic example with very simplistic inputs.

These tools mostly measure past performance and almost none focus on future impacts of today’s decisions.

Things such as….

1). How does keeping that credit card balance high impact your overall goals

2). Calculating the opportunity cost of each action and inaction you take

3). Understanding risk

And so much more.

The tool I have created is a product of my 20+ years of experience, education, and inquiry into the questions:

1). How do I make money?

2). Do I have enough money?

3). What should I do with the money I do have?

I took my experience as a financial consultant, business owner, and real estate investor and built out a tool that you can use to answer all of the questions you have around your finances.

And figure out to the day when you will….

1). Retire

2). Reach your income goals

3). Be able to retire

4). Become debt free

5). Or any other important financial goal in your life

It does this by projecting out your future income and expenses to help you understand how each decision you make today affects the grand vision called…your life 🙂

We look at everything…

And I mean everything.

This includes:

1). Income – W2 Income, Social Security, Pension Plans, SDRPs, HSA, Business Income, Rental Income, Life Insurance, Annuities, and anything else you can imagine.

2). Expenses – Daily living expenses, education costs, taxes, child care, eating out, vacations, car payments, and anything else you spend money on.

3). Assets – Homes, investments, cash, cars, collectibles, forex, gold, crypto, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and anything else you have.

4). Liabilities – Debt, lines of credit, credit cards, loans, leases, and any other items you might have.

5). Cash Flow & Cash Management – This is critical that you understand how to manage your cash as it is the lifeline to your business success. You can have all of the other items in place but if you run out of cash the business dies instantly.

We gather all of this information and enter it into the software and then the fun begins!

We start testing different scenarios.

Things like:

What happens if I buy 1 rental property a year?

What happens if I learn a new skill set and get a raise?

What happens if I move to part time so I can fulfill on a passion of mine?

Or any other question you have that impacts your finances.

And then you get to understand the impacts of each of these on your overall goals.

You will be able to see how each decision impacts your over retirement date, your debt free date, your quite your job date.

Your decisions might speed up retirement….

Or push you back another year.

There is no right answer to any of this.

Just a better understanding of the situation so you can make more educated financial decisions so you can live that life you always wanted.

If you want to learn more about what I am doing comment below and I can get you the details on the software as I am going to start beta testing it and need some people who want to help build the next version of it 🙂

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We build Communities of like minded people so we can all learn from each other and leverage each other skillsets.

Looking forward to seeing you on a training one day!

And maybe even on one of our trips one day 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Indiana Oehlman

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