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Stress = when what is shouldn’t be
Once I started to understand this concept life was totally different.
I used to try and bend reality to my point of view…
Which hardly ever works because…
People are people…
And people do irrational things.
This would make me upset, angry, and even resentful which wasn’t a fun place to live in.
And then I started to understand human emotions and saw…
That most people react to things instead of responding.
They live life based on how they “feel” and let emotions drive decisions…
Instead of looking at the facts and making a rational decision.
We as people are not naturally able to articulate the emotions we feel so we end up taking it out in anger and say things like…
“It shouldn’t be this way”
“That isn’t right”
“They are wrong”
Or any other version that we use to make others wrong.
If you are like me and find yourself getting upset when things don’t go your way…
Or people don’t do things that you think they should do.
I have a question for you.
Where does it say that?
Where does it say that other people “should” act or be a different way?
Where does it say that other people “should” act the way you think they “should”?
Where does it say that people should be “polite”?
Where does it say that people should be “kind”?
Where does it say that people should “help you”?
I am 38 years old, and I have yet to find anywhere that says this is “the way people should be”.
I have traveled the world and found that what is accepted and praised in one country is frowned upon in other countries.
I have seen the impact of how this way of being affects nations…
And that is where the beauty of all of this comes into play.
We are blessed to look back at history and understand the impact of people’s actions.
There is no right or wrong way to do anything.
There is only an impact to someones actions.
For example…
If someone were to steal from someone they would probably end up in jail.
If someone kills someone they will probably end up in jail.
What I have observed is that there is a set of principles that help guide us in our development to achieve joy and happiness.
You can see it in religion with things like…
The 10 Commandments
The Five Pillars
The Yamas and Niyamas
You can see it in Philosophical concepts such as…
You can find it in Government concepts such as…
U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
I could go on and on with this but what I wish for you to understand is that all of these are insights to living a happy and fulfilled life.
It isn’t “the way”…
However, it is “a way” to achieve what we are all looking for.
And I believe that is to be happy and have a life full of joy.
These principles help guide us when we start thinking things “shouldn’t be this way”.
They help us understand ourselves so we can understand others…
And once you understand yourself you can create a life full of joy and happiness.
Then you can bring that joy and happiness into the world and make a huge impact on others.
And I have found that making an empowering impact on others is one of the principles to living a life full of joy and happiness.
I am not saying this is “the way”…
But it works for me 😊
So my question to you is…
What are the principles you live by?
What guides you in your decision-making process?
And if you don’t have any consider using some principles of people you admire and want to be like.
They have already figured it out and want to share with you.
Because the better you are…the better everyone is.
Cheers to an amazing day and…
And amazing life!

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