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Where in life do you give up?

Yesterday I almost gave up at the airport….

Because we were headed to India and I forgot….

Drumroll please….

Our Visas.

It isn’t like I forgot them at home.

I forgot to get them period.

And everyone at the airport said it was a minimum of 7 days to get one.

But that didn’t stop my wife 😉

Within 2 hours she had our visa orders in and confirmed by phone with a representative from India.

We changed our flights….

We updated our guides in India

And went about our day.

Sounds super cool now…

But in the moment…OMG!

It was a rush of emotions.

From being upset about the money I spent and wasn’t going to be able to use…

To missing the Holi festival which only happens once a year…

To feeling stupid for missing something so simple.

It was definatly an opportunity (as we call it in our household…lol) to grow 🙂

Because my wife and I both wanted to give up multiple times but we didn’t.

We were talking after we got everything settled about the little things that almost stopped us.

Things like filling out the Visa application with specific details we had to look up.

Or reaching out to a person to expadite the process.

Or any of the other infinite things that had to fall into place to make that happen.

I think many people over look the ability to be agile and over come little things like this because we aren’t taught to.

Because I can assure you Sumary and I were not born with this type of “figure it out” attitude.

It has bee enstilled in us by our coaches and our coaching programs we have been in over our life.

The ability to take responsibility for a given situation and then accomplish the intention is drilled into our head every day by our coaches, the books we read, and the people we surround ourselves with.

Because if you can take responsibility for something…even if it isn’t your fault….it gives you power to influence the outcome in your favor.

Just like my wife was able to get a Visa in less than 24 hours when they said it wasn’t possible.

And remembering to stay calm and think critically is the secret.

So if you are dealing with something in your life find a way to take responsibility and make a difference.

If you don’t like your job….get a new one.

If you aren’t happy in your marriage….go to couples counciling.

If you want to make more money…learn a new skill.

And most importantly….

Don’t give up!

Have an amazing day and I can’t wait to share the Holi festival photos with everyone!

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Looking forward to seeing you on a training one day!

And maybe even on one of our trips one day 🙂

Have an amazing day!

Indiana Oehlman

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